In our family business, in which a father and his two sons work, we found a way to lower the stress of our daily activities and to have an opportunity to enjoy each other’s company outside of the workplace by getting together on weekends to barbecue different cuts of meat. As a result our family ties were strengthen and we were able to hand down these values to the next generation, the grandchildren.

As more and more weekends passed and we continued to have these family get-togethers, we tried barbecuing different cuts of meat, which awakened our passion for this….

We became more adventurous by trying different recipes which came from the southernmost part of Argentina up to, and including, the traditional American BBQ, making several stops along the way in this culinary journey.

After several years of experience, we now want to share all of these recipes with people like us that enjoy precious moments with family and friends around a barbecue.