If you are a meat enthusiast, chances are you already know not all cows produce the same quality of meat, and wagyu (in this case "American Wagyu" a crossbreed between japanese wagyu cows and american cattle) are at the top of the list in terms of quality thanks to its marbling, taste and price.

The first time we got our hands on a piece of American wagyu meat it was noticeably different from regular beef, the marbling is abundant and more intricate and the smell of beef is more intense than that of = "store bought" prime beef cut. These characteristics also change the way it must be prepared. 

It takes a measure of precision to take the steak to medium rare so the fattier tissue melts properly and the meat is tender and ready. We trusted the Chulengo Smoker with this task because the Santa Maria style grill makes it easier to control the intensity of the heat by simply adjusting the grill's height and with the help of a timer, we had perfect grill marks in the outside and the buttery, rich taste on the inside in no time!

Check the pictures above for a closer look of an American Wagyu NY strip steak grilled to perfection.