BBQ can get quite complicated. When you start experimenting with different types of woods, flavors, spices, rubs, times, techniques and all that, trial and error ensue and it can lead to frustration. It's important we go "back to basics" from time to time so we don't forget that there's a relaxing, laid-back, fun aspect to being a BBQ-er.

We did that when preparing a simple pulled chuck roast sandwich: Regular mustard as a binder, salt and pepper rub, hickory in the stickburner and smoke it for as long as it needs to (the Chulengo Smoker helps in that regard by making temperature control a simple task with the vents/stack damper).

When it came out the smoke ring was beautifully defined and the meat fell apart almost on its own, no bear-claws needed. We used store-bought buns, slightly toasted on top of the firebox and the sandwich was topped with tons of BBQ. The only "extra touch" we allowed ourselves was some pickled red onions for color and a slightly acidic taste. Judge the end result by yourself on the picture above and if you ever find yourself frustrated over BBQ, remember sometimes the answer is going back to basics.